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Minimum order £15


On collections for orders over £25.95 when paying by cash

TEL: 01793 845255


C = Crustaceans   D = Dairy   N = Nuts   G = Gluten   M = Mustard   S = Soya

Most of our food contains Soya Bean Oil.
Some of our food contains Mustard, Nuts and Dairy Products.
If you have any dietary requirements please inform a member of staff.


Mixed Kebab(D, M & S)£5.30

Tandoori Chicken(D, M & S)£3.80

Chicken Tikka(D, M & S)£3.80

Lamb Tikka(D, M & S)£3.95

Sheek Kebab(S) / Shami Kebab(S)£3.70

Reshmi Kebab(D & S)£4.80

Onion Bhaji(D & S)£3.20

Samosa(Meat or Vegetable) (G & S)£3.50

King Prawn Butterfly(C & S)£5.80

Chicken Pakora(D, M & S)£4.30

(All the above starters are served with mint sauce & side salad)

Chicken Chat(D & S)£4.20

Lamb Chat(D & S)£4.35

Aloo Chat(S)£3.50

Prawn Puree(C, G & S)£4.80

King Prawn Puree(C & G)£5.80

Mulligatawny Soup(S) / Dall Soup(S)£3.30


These dishes are marinated in yoghurt, with fresh herbs & selected oriental spices – served with fresh green salad & mint sauce.

Tandoori Chicken(D, M & S)(Half) £7.25

Tandoori Chicken(D, M & S)(Whole) £12.40

Chicken Tikka(D, M & S)£6.80

Lamb Tikka(D, M & S)£6.95

Tandoori King Prawn(D, C & S)£14.85

Chicken Shashlik(D, M & S)£8.25

Lamb Shashlik(D, M & S)£8.40

(Marinated & grilled with onion, tomato & green pepper)

Tandoori Mixed Grill(D, M & S)£10.40

(Pieces of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab)

Tandoori Green Chilli Chicken(Hot) (D, M & S)£9.95

Tandoori Green Chilli Lamb(Hot) (D, M & S)£10.25


All special dishes are cooked with tikka chicken or lamb.

Chicken Special Bhuna Tikka
Mossalla(D, M & S)£9.25

Lamb Special Bhuna Tikka
Mossalla(D, M & S)£9.40

(Tikka cooked with mince meat, onion, tomato, fresh herbs & spices)

Chicken Narikel(D, C, M, N & S)£9.25

Lamb or Prawn Narikel(D, C, M, N & S)£9.00

(Cooked in coconut cream with light spices & herbs)

Chicken Achari(D, C, M & S)£8.80

Lamb or Prawn Achari(D, C, M & S)£8.95

(Cooked with mixed spicy pickle, hot & sour sauce)

Chicken Naga(D, C, M & S)£8.80

Lamb or Prawn Naga(D, C, M & S)£8.95

(Cooked with special naga chilli sauce)

Chicken Tandoori Garlic or Ginger(M & S)£8.80

Lamb Tandoori Garlic or Ginger(M & S)£8.95

Chicken Roshoni(S)£8.80

Lamb Roshoni(S)£8.95

(Cooked with spices & special fresh garlic sauce)


All special dishes are cooked with tikka chicken or lamb.

Chicken Jalfrezi(D, C, M & S)£8.25

Lamb or Prawn Jalfrezi(D, C, M & S)£8.40

(Cooked with fresh green chilli, garlic, tomato, capsicum & fresh coriander – fairly hot)

King Prawn Jalfrezi(D, C, M & S)£14.95

Vegetable Jalfrezi(D, M & S)£7.25

Chicken Korai(D, C & S)£8.25

Lamb or Prawn Korai(D, C & S)£8.40

(Highly spiced, cooked with onion, tomato, capsicum – medium hot)

Chicken Passanda(D, C, M & S)£8.90

Lamb or Prawn Passanda(D, C, M & S)£8.95

(Cooked with almonds, coconut, sultanas, nuts & fresh cream)

Chicken Makani(D, C, M & S)£8.25

Lamb Makani(D, C, M & S)£8.40

(Cooked with almonds, butter & cream in rich sauce)

Chicken Shahi Jeera(D, C, M & S)£8.25

Lamb or Prawn Shahi Jeera(D, C, M & S)£8.40

(Chicken or lamb cooked with cumin seeds in medium thick sauce)

Tandoori King Prawn Chilli
Mossalla(D, C, M & S)£14.95

Chicken Tandoori Garlic Chilli
Mossalla(D, C, M & S)£8.90

Lamb or Prawn Tandoori Garlic Chilli
Mossalla(D, C, M & S)£8.95

(Cooked in fresh garlic & green chilli with fresh herbs & spices)


Cooked in special home made mossalla sauce.

Chicken Tikka Mossalla(D, M & S)£7.95

Lamb Tikka Mossalla(D, M & S)£8.25

Tandoori King Prawn Mossalla(D, C & M)£14.95

Sheek Kebab Mossalla(D, M & S)£7.95

Vegetable Mossalla(D, M & S)£6.95


Cooked with fresh, ground spices & herbs along with onion, tomato, green pepper & fresh coriander – a highly flavoured dish.

Chicken Balti(C & S)£6.95

Lamb or Prawn Balti(C & S)£7.25

Chicken Tikka Balti(D, M & S)£7.95

Lamb Tikka Balti(D, M & S)£8.25

King Prawn Balti(C & S)£11.95

Mixed Balti(C & S)£8.25

Vegetable Balti(M & S)£5.95


Chilli mossalla dishes are cooked in fresh green chilli & spices – a hot dish.

Chicken Chilli Mossalla(C & S)£6.95

Lamb or Prawn Chilli Mossalla(C)£7.25

Chicken Tikka Chilli Mossalla(D, M & S)£7.95

Lamb Tikka Chilli Mossalla(D, M & S)£8.25

King Prawn Chilli Mossalla(C & S)£11.95

Vegetable Chilli Mossalla(M & S)£6.80


Medium curry with extra sauce.

Chicken Curry(C & S)£5.95

Lamb or Prawn Curry(C & S)£6.25

Chicken Tikka Curry(D, M & S)£6.95

Lamb Tikka Curry(D, M & S)£7.25

King Prawn Curry(C & S)£8.95

Vegetable Curry(M & S)£5.25


Fairly hot with lemon juice.

Chicken Madras(C & S)£6.25

Lamb or Prawn Madras(C & S)£6.40

Chicken Tikka Madras(D, M & S)£7.25

Lamb Tikka Madras(D, M & S)£7.40

King Prawn Madras(C & S)£9.15

Vegetable Madras(M & S)£5.40


Very hot.

Chicken Vindaloo(C & S)£6.30

Lamb or Prawn Vindaloo(C & S)£6.45

Chicken Tikka Vindaloo(D, M & S)£7.30

Lamb Tikka Vindaloo(D, M & S)£7.45

King Prawn Vindaloo(C & S)£9.35

Vegetable Vindaloo(M & S)£5.50


Very mild – good for beginners.

Chicken Korma(C & S)£6.70

Lamb or Prawn Korma(C & S)£6.85

Chicken Tikka Korma(D, M & S)£7.70

Lamb Tikka Korma(D, M & S)£7.95

King Prawn Korma(C, N, D & S)£9.65

Vegetable Korma(D, N, M & S)£5.80


Cooked with banana & pineapple in a medium sauce.

Chicken Kashmir(C & S)£6.70

Lamb or Prawn Kashmir(C & S)£6.85

Chicken Tikka Kashmir(D, M & S)£7.80

Lamb Tikka Kashmir(D, M & S)£7.95

King Prawn Kashmir(C & S)£9.75

Vegetable Kashmir(M & S)£5.95


Medium dish, cooked with pineapple.

Chicken Malaya(C & S)£6.70

Lamb or Prawn Malaya(C & S)£6.85

Chicken Tikka Malaya(D, M & S)£7.70

Lamb Tikka Malaya(D, M & S)£7.85

King Prawn Malaya(C & S)£9.75

Vegetable Malaya(M & S)£5.95


Medium, cooked with onions, green peppers, tomato & fresh coriander in thick sauce.

Chicken Bhuna(C & S)£6.70

Lamb or Prawn Bhuna(C & S)£6.85

Chicken Tikka Bhuna(D, M & S)£7.70

Lamb Tikka Bhuna(D, M & S)£7.85

King Prawn Bhuna(C & S)£9.95

Vegetable Bhuna(M & S)£6.10


Fried diced onion, herbs & spices, cooked in medium thick sauce.

Chicken Dupiaza(C & S)£6.70

Lamb or Prawn Dupiaza(C & S)£6.85

Chicken Tikka Dupiaza(D, M & S)£7.70

Lamb Tikka Dupiaza(D, M & S)£7.85

King Prawn Dupiaza(C & S)£9.95

Vegetable Dupiaza(M & S)£6.10


Medium, well spiced with fried tomato, onions & herbs.

Chicken Rogan(C & S)£6.90

Lamb or Prawn Rogan(C & S)£6.95

Chicken Tikka Rogan(D, M & S)£7.90

Lamb Tikka Rogan(D, M & S)£7.95

King Prawn Rogan(C & S)£10.25

Vegetable Rogan(M & S)£6.20


Medium, cooked with onion, green pepper, spices with fried potato on top.

Chicken Sali(C & S)£7.30

Lamb or Prawn Sali(C & S)£7.45

Chicken Tikka Sali(D, M & S)£8.30

Lamb Tikka Sali(D, M & S)£8.45

King Prawn Sali(C & S)£11.65


Highly spiced, cooked with fenugreek leaves in medium thick sauce.

Chicken Mathi(C & S)£6.70

Lamb or Prawn Mathi(C & S)£6.85

Chicken Tikka Mathi(D, M & S)£7.70

Lamb Tikka Mathi(D, M & S)£7.85

King Prawn Mathi(C & S)£9.95

Vegetable Mathi(M & S)£6.10


Cooked in onion, spiced, herbs & spinach – a dryish dish.

Chicken Sag(C & S)£6.70

Lamb or Prawn Sag(C & S)£6.85

Chicken Tikka Sag(D, M & S)£7.70

Lamb Tikka Sag(D, M & S)£7.85

King Prawn Sag(C & S)£9.95


Hot sour & sweet dish cooked with lentils.

Chicken Dansak(C & S)£6.70

Lamb or Prawn Dansak(C & S)£6.85

Chicken Tikka Dansak(D, M & S)£7.70

Lamb Tikka Dansak(D, M & S)£7.85

King Prawn Dansak(C & S)£9.95

Vegetable Dansak(M & S)£6.10


Hot sour & sweet dish cooked with onion in thick sauce.

Chicken Pathia(C)£6.70

Lamb or Prawn Pathia(C)£6.85

Chicken Tikka Pathia(D & M)£7.70

Lamb Tikka Pathia(D & M)£7.85

King Prawn Pathia(C)£9.95

Vegetable Pathia(M)£6.10


Basmati rice garnished with tomato, cucumber & served with a medium vegetable sauce.

Chicken Biryani(C, M & S)£8.20

Lamb or Prawn Biryani(C, M & S)£8.45

Chicken Tikka Biryani(D, M & S)£9.20

Lamb Tikka Biryani(D, M & S)£9.45

King Prawn Biryani(C, M & S)£13.40

Vegetable or Mushroom Biryani(M & S)£7.10


All side dishes are freshly prepared with fresh vegetables.

Mixed Vegetable Curry(M & S)£3.70

Mixed Vegetable Bhaji(Dry) (M & S)£3.70

Mushroom Bhaji(S)£3.70

Sag Bhaji(Spinach) (S & D)£3.70

Bhindi Bhaji / Bringal Bhaji(S)£3.70

Cauliflower Bhaji(S)£3.70

Onion Bhaji(D & S)£3.20

Bombay Aloo(M & S)£3.70

Aloo Gobi(Cauliflower & Potato) (S)£3.90

Aloo Sag(Spinach & Potato) (S)£3.90

Tarka Dall(S)£3.70

Dall Samba(M & S)£3.70

(Sweet & sour, hot with veg)

Chana Mossalla(S)£3.70

Sag Paneer(Spinach & Cheese) (D & S)£3.90

Mottor Paneer(Peas & Cheese) (D & S)£3.90

Raitha(Onion or Cucumber) (D & S)£2.25

Mixed Green Salad£2.25

Curry Sauce(S)£2.70


Fried Chicken & Chips(S)£6.80

French Fried Chicken & Chips(S)£7.40

Omelette & Chips(S)£5.95

Fried Mushrooms(S)£2.40



(Large Rice £1 extra)

Boiled Rice(S)£2.50

Pilau Rice(Basmati) (S & D)£2.80

Special Rice(S & D)£3.25

Mushroom Rice(S & D)£3.25

Egg Fried Rice(S & D)£3.25

Sag Rice(S & D)£3.25


Nan(D, G & S)£2.40

Keema Nan(D, G & S)£2.95

(Stuffed with spicy mince)

Peshwari Nan(D, G & S)£2.95

(Stuffed with sultanas, almonds & coconut)

Kulcha Nan(D, G & S)£2.95

Garlic Nan(D, G & S)£2.95

Tandoori Roti(D, G & S)£2.40

Cheese Nan(D, G & S)£2.95

Paratha(G & S)£2.95

Stuffed Paratha(G & S)£3.25

Chapati(G & S)£1.25

Puree(G & S)£1.25



Mossala Poppadom(S)£0.90

Choice of Chutney(S)£0.95


Banana Fritters(S)£3.20

Pineapple Fritters(S)£3.20


£1.00 per item


Set Meal for 1 Person


1 Poppadom
1 Chicken Tikka
1 Lamb Bhuna
1 Bombay Aloo
1 Pilau Rice
1 Nan Bread

Allergens: (D, G, M & S)

Set Meal for 2 Persons


2 Poppadoms
1 Meat Samosa
1 Sheesh Kebab
1 Chicken Tikka Mossalla
1 Lamb Dupiaza
1 Bhindi Bhaji
2 Pilau Rice
1 Nan Bread

Allergens: (D, G, N, M & S)

Vegetarian Set Meal for 1 Person


1 Poppadom
1 Vegetable Samosa
1 Vegetable Bhuna
1 Tikka Dall
1 Pilau Rice
1 Nan Bread

Allergens: (G & M)

TO ORDER CALL 01793 845255

Minimum order £15.00

On collections for orders over £25.95 when paying by cash

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If there is a dish that you may like, which is not listed on the menu, please enquire with a member of staff and we will do our best to provide this for you.
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